Winter Springs Plumbing Repairs

Winter Springs FL and the Florida area have many things working against their plumbing system. One of the major things is hard water. Many people do not realize the damage hard water can do to your plumbing also high chlorine. Did you realize that installing a water softener will cut out the harmful effects of hard water to your plumbing but it wont get out chlorine. Lets start with hard water and the possible ways hard water can cause premature Winter Springs plumbing repairs.

Hard Water:    

  1. Hard water if left untreated can cause your hot water heater to build up sediment from hard water deposits. This will cause you to replace your elements more often and make your water heater less energy efficient. Hard water also causes your shower valves to malfunction and cause you to have to call a Winter Springs plumber to repair your shower. This also goes for faucets and toilets as hard water is the number one cause for Winter Springs plumbing repairs and can be prevented with installing a quality water softener.

Chlorine In Water:

  1. If you have hard water in Winter Springs and install a water softener this will no doubt help you save on plumbing repairs but most people don’t realize that a water softener does not remove chlorine and in fact high chlorine levels can cause severe premature plumbing failure. If you have a water softener you should install a whole house filter in front of the water softener this will prevent damage from chlorine to your water softener and piping to the house. High chlorine effects plastic plumbing parts such as CPVC piping and parts in your toilet and water softener. They make the plastic very brittle and can cause it to break. By installing a whole house water filter this will prevent the damage by high chlorine levels.

By installing the proper water purification system in your home you can prevent premature Winter Springs plumbing repairs. If you need a plumber in Winter Springs call us at 407-710-0210.

Winter Springs Plumbing Repairs
Winter Springs Plumbing Repairs

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