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What’s the heart and center of each home? No doubt, for most people it is the kitchen. This why easy access to all the appliances, workstation sinks, and counters is of the utmost importance. After all, frustrations during the cooking process make for a rather unpleasant meal. To make your kitchen that haven that makes a significant difference in your life, look no further than the Drain Genie for the top kitchen installation and repair services.

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When you trust Drain Genie for your kitchen plumbing services, you will benefit from a full range of 5 star services delivered to your home. With over 20 years in the business of kitchen plumbing and remodeling, we fine-tuned the services and high quality we provide to our customers throughout the area. 

At Drain Genie Plumbing, we are 5 star rated Florida plumbers, every project is completed with consistent, quality results by experienced professionals who are dedicated to their craft. Each kitchen plumbing repair or installation project is explained to the client so they understand what they’re paying for.

As a homeowner, you can rely on us for kitchen projects including: 

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Our Customized Kitchen Plumber Services Also Offer:

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Common Kitchen Plumbing Issues

Nothing is as stressful to a homeowner as having to face some type of plumbing issue in the kitchen. Even one problem can quickly prevent you from carrying out the most basic of tasks. Here is a list of the most common plumbing kitchen problems that you may find yourself needing help with:


Leaks in the kitchen come in various sizes. Whether it is from a faucet or pipe, that constant dripping of water will consume your water bills and lead to even worse, extensive damage if neglected.

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Kitchen Sink Drain Clogs

A clog in the sink drain is quite annoying but also unsanitary. These clogs are a result of built-up grease, food particles, or hard items that can’t be broken down by the garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Clogs

A build-up of soap scum, non-food items, or grease can lead to clogs in garbage disposals. This can also lead to poor water flow through the drain and cause the kitchen sink to overflow.

Faulty Kitchen Fixtures

If the fixtures in your kitchen sinks are sputtering, lacking in water pressure, or simply not working as they should, it may be time for a repair or replacement of these parts.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in kitchen fixtures can be the result of mineral buildup in faucets or pipe obstructions. This issue must be addressed by kitchen plumbing professionals to identify its source and determine the needed course of action. 

Inefficient Water Heating

When the water isn’t heating to the appropriate levels, the issue is usually with the water heater. Over time water heaters accumulate a buildup of sediment which hurts the efficiency of the water heater and its ability to heat water properly.

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Strange Odors

If you’re sensing strange odors in the kitchen sinks, fixtures, or other areas of the kitchen despite your many attempts to resolve the issue, there may be a deeper issue than just food debris stuck in the garbage disposal. Odd odors can be caused by bacterial growth that may be deeper than what you can reach yourself.

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Are you in search of professional solutions for your kitchen? Perhaps you need a kitchen remodel or a few repairs to get your kitchen running smoothly again. Look no further than to the best experts at Drain Genie. 

Contact Drain Genie for 5 star kitchen plumbing services today and get back to the joys of having a beautiful kitchen in Florida, South Florida, and the Treasure Coast.

FAQ: Kitchen Plumbing

Drain Genie understands the importance of being friendly and available to each customer. From the middle-of-the-night plumbing emergencies to the simple toilet repair, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

Is kitchen plumbing the same as bathroom plumbing?

Kitchen and bathroom plumbing differ in the type of fixtures they use and the nature of their use. While both areas of the house use a sink, the bathroom utilizes a toilet, tub, shower, and bidets. Kitchens utilize sinks, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and a garbage disposal unit. 

How much does it cost to move plumbing in a kitchen sink?

The cost of moving the plumbing of a kitchen sink depends on the distance and location of the wanted move, the type of pipes used for the plumbing, the number of fixtures, local labor rates of plumbers, and if permits or inspections will be required.. 

Does a double sink need two water lines?

Yes, a double sink will require a hot and a cold water line. Each basin in the double sink has its faucet and handles for controlling the temperature of the water. This will ensure that both basins are supplied with the hot and cold water temperatures when needed, independently. 

When should I call a plumber for a clogged sink?

You should call a plumbing service when you have a clogged sink when all your home remedies have failed, when the clogged drain recurs frequently, and when multiple drains are affected. Also, consider calling a plumber when unpleasant odors do not go away or when the sink is draining slowly.