Winter Springs Dishwasher Installation

Many people think the dishwasher is an easy plumbing job and this is not always the case. We run into a lot of dishwashers that are installed wrong and the customers don’t even know it until months down the road when their kitchen starts to stink like rotten eggs. The problem is that when the drain is ran some people will keep the drain low and come up to the disposal where the dishwasher drain tie-in is located. This is a problem because when using your garbage disposal and draining that side of the kitchen sink, food particles and dirty water make its way down the dishwasher discharge line and sometimes back into the dishwasher causing stagnant water and bad odor.

The dishwasher drain should be ran high and back down creating a trap so there is no way for dirty water to get back into the drain of the dishwasher. The dishwasher should also be screwed into the counter top for safety when you have a large amount of dishes and pull the drawers out the weight is shifted to the extreme front of the dishwasher and if not properly mounted the dishwasher can fall forward possibly hurting someone. The best thing to do if you are installing a new dishwasher is call a Winter Springs plumber to do the install. Don’t pay a friend or handyman to do the job wrong only in return to spend extra money to have a plumber come in and re-install it because it was hooked up wrong. If you need a plumber in Winter Springs give us a call at 407-710-0210.


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