Winter Park Garbage Disposal Repair Or Replace

Many Winter Park homeowners have a garbage disposal and take it for granted. But your Winter Park garbage disposal needs proper care and maintenance to provide you with years of trouble free use. Did you know that the garbage disposal was invented by John Hammes in 1927 and got the first patient in 1935 and then founded In-sink-Erator in 1938 which they are still making quality garbage disposals today. Over the years the disposal has been advanced and improved but they still need to be taken care of and not abused. Your Winter Park garbage disposal can be cleaned on a monthly basis by grinding ice as this cleans the blades fairly well. For bad smells you can grind a small amount of lemon peels this works well for smells.Some things should not go down the disposal such as fibrous fruits and veggies.

If your Winter Park garbage disposal stops working and makes a humming noise this usually means it is jammed and can most likely be repaired if you leave the garbage disposal on with that humming noise. There is a safety switch that shuts the garbage disposal down completely to prevent the motor from overheating and this is also repairable. Another repair that is common on Winter Park garbage disposals is from vibration. The gasket where the disposal mounts to the sink leaks. Your Winter Park plumber can also repair that. The average disposal lasts 6-10 years with normal use. So when do you have to replace your disposal?  Well if there is water leaking from the base of the unit your garbage disposal will need to be replaced by a plumber in Winter Park. Also sometimes hard objects such as bone can damage the unit by puncturing a hole in the unit and this will then mean replacement is required. If you need a garbage disposal repaired or replaced call us at (407) 710-0210.


Winter Park Garbage Disposal
Winter Park Garbage Disposal


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