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There are many ways how your Winter Park drain can clog on you and there are many ways to prevent it and many ways you cannot. We are going to go over some of the most common things that can clog up your drains in Winter Park FL. The most common way is baby wipes. We ask all the time and most customers say they do not flush them down the toilet until we pull them back on the sewer cable and then they say oh they say flushable. The fact is regular baby wipes and flushables should not go down the drain unless you don’t care about paying for a frequent Winter Park drain cleaning service. The reason why you can’t flush these down the drain is because they don’t break down they way toilet paper does and it dissolves. The toilet paper moves freely through the sewer line. The flushable wipes tend to catch on the burs or rough spots in your sewer line and then they tend to catch more and more things until it backs your sewer line up. So please don’t flush anything but toilet paper down the drain. The same goes for feminine products.

Another issue that we’ve seen is dental floss, as most people flush it down the drain and think nothing of it but what happens is it also catches burs in the sewer line and makes a net in the drain and catches all debris causing a drain clog in your Winter Park home. We also have had problems with customers using extra ply toilet paper and having it clog their drain. We recommend using single ply toilet paper if you have this problem. It has worked in multiple situations. The smart thing to do is only flush toilet paper down the drain to prevent clogging issues and having to call a Winter Park plumber to clean your drains. If you need a reliable plumber in Winter Park call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

Winter Park Drain Cleaning
Winter Park Drain Cleaning

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