Why You Should Leave Plumbing Repairs To A Professional Lake Mary Plumber

Many customers start a plumbing repair project looking at Youtube videos and going to their local big box stores thinking that the video they watched looked so easy. Many find they spend a lot of money at the hardware store and also tend to damage the plumbing system and make things worse. Most of the horror stories come from customers trying to change shower valve cartridges themselves because they see the plumber makes it look so easy on the videos. But people have to realize that it looks easy because he has been doing it for many years. Most of the time the customer will attempt to pull the cartridge and either damage the valve or break the water supplies to the shower valve. Next thing you know they’re having to call a Lake Mary plumber to replace the shower valve.

Most of the time it is just cheaper to call a professional plumber as it will save you money in the long run. Plumbing deals with water and a small mistake can cost you big bucks not only with plumbing repairs but also with water damage and most insurance companies will not cover damage to your home caused by unlicensed plumbing contractors. So next time you decide to tackle a plumbing repair on your own, think twice on the risks that can happen. If you need a plumber please call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at (407) 710-0210.

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