Why Not Too Hire A Handyman For Your Orlando Plumbing Repairs

Why should you not hire a handyman for your Orlando plumbing repairs? Most customers think it is a no brainer, cheaper price, and same quality service. That is completely wrong. Most of the larger handyman companies charge about as much as your local Orlando plumbing companies. Unfortunately, they send out incompetent and inexperienced workers to your home. Many times I have seen people go through great lengths to save a buck or two, but unfortunately it will cost them even more in the long run. For example, a homeowner hired a handyman to install a water heater. The handyman used the wrong pipe and the wrong glue. As a result, of improper workmanship the home flooded. The homeowners were still charged as much as a plumbing company would have charged, but now they had to call another plumbing company to fix the mistake that was made. In the long run they paid double, plus the water damage that was made to their home. Plumbing should be left up to a professionally licensed Orlando plumbing company. The trade takes many years to become knowledgeable and this will only happen through experiences on the job. Hence, why you pay for the quality of craftsmanship.  You would not pay just anyone to perform a surgery of any sort. You would seek a highly knowledgeable, experienced surgeon to perform the surgery.  The same goes with plumbing for your home. You should only have skilled craftsman in your home making your Orlando plumbing repairs. We have seen many handyman mistakes. Here is another example of a mistake that most plumbers would laugh at, handymen will install a shower valve by installing the tubspout they put in CPVC or PVC. This should always be done with ridgid pipe because it gets pulled on and bunked.  What happens is it gets snapped in the wall and you have more unnecessary repairs. If you need plumbing repairs give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-710-0210.

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