Why Is My Toilet Making That Noise And Filling So Slow?

Why is my toilet making that noise and filling so slowly? Toilet issues can be very annoying, whether its a running toilet or a leaking toilet, they can be the easiest but also the most problematic for even the most seasoned professionals. A lot of times a running toilet is only found by receiving a high water bill, but there are many other ways that malfunctioning toilets can cause headaches. The toilet fill valve is the valve that lets water in to the tank and the float is the mechanism that shuts off the water over time. Hard water deposits can clog the fill valve, causing it to fill the tank slowly. This can cause problems for large families. For example, if someone uses the restroom and another person goes to use the toilet, it will not flush properly because it’s taking too long to fill, causing clogs. Also, slow filling toilets can cause noisy toilets. It can cause water hammer, which is when pipes in the wall violently shake. It can also cause the toilet to fill sporadically. This can cause clogs and high water bills, especially if the fill valve is not shutting down properly and over-filling the toilet. It is very important to hire a qualified Orlando plumber to make plumbing repairs. There is nothing more annoying then a noisy toilet. If you have a problem with your toilet, give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-710-0210.

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