2 Reasons Your Old Orlando Water Heater Doesn’t Work Well

Why does my Orlando water heater not work as well as it used to? We get this question asked often and thought we would address it in this article. The main reason is sediment. What is sediment and how does it get into my water heater you ask. Well depending on where you live in the country the problem could be worse and Orlando Florida happens to have the worst water in the United States Of America. There is a lot of calcium and minerals or other known as hard water. So when your Orlando Water heater is filled with water and it heats it up the hard water deposits will stick together and settle to the bottom of the hot water tank. Over the years of heating water, the heater starts to build flakes of mineral deposits around the heating elements and builds up on the bottom of the tank. When the minerals attach to the elements it short circuits and blows the elements out causing you to have to call an Orlando plumber to rebuild your Orlando water heater.

The other thing that makes your heater not work as well as it used to is, as the sediment builds up you loose the capacity and efficiency of the heater. Sometimes a 10 year old 40 gallon water heater can be half filled with sediment making it really only a 20 gallon heater and therefore making you run out of water quicker. How can this be prevented? The best way is installing a water softener as this will prevent mineral build up period. The next best thing is to drain your heater from the bottom drain once a year to prevent build up. So the bottom line of why your Orlando water heater does not work as well is sediment but you can prevent it from happening. If you have a water heater in Orlando that needs repair call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210


Why does my Orlando water heater not work as well as it used to?
Why does my Orlando water heater not work as well as it used to?

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