Why Does My Orlando Plumber Not Use Copper Pipe To Make Plumbing Repairs

Why does my Orlando plumber not use copper pipe to make plumbing repairs? Most plumbers will repair plumbing leaks with plastic pipe over copper, why is this? Many customers think the plumber is taking short cuts and does not want to use copper pipe because it is more expensive and is more labor intensive, but that is not the case, it just does not last very long in the Florida area. Copper pipe is one of the main reasons why we repipe homes in the Orlando area, because it is known to leak. Here are the main reasons we do not use copper pipe for repairs.

  1. Copper pipe breaks down and gets pinhole leaks.
  2. Copper requires soldering which requires heat; not good to apply heat to old copper pipe.
  3. In tight areas soldering copper pipe can be dangerous.

Here are the reasons copper pipe should be used.

  1. Gas water heaters should have 18″ of copper to protect from heat from flue pipe.
  2. For support such as a heavy expansion tank or recirculating pump plastic pipe is just not sturdy enough.

Overall, most plumbers in Orlando will use Pex, CPVC, and outside PVC for plumbing repairs. This is not to save money, but because it is the best way to repair a leaking pipe. If the pipe is in very bad shape most plumbing companies will suggest a repipe, which is replacing your copper pipe with PEX pipe. This is the best way to prevent future plumbing leaks. If you need a plumber in Orlando or Florida, call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-490-1230.

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