Why Does My Orlando Plumber Charge So Much?

I get this question a lot while some plumbing companies in Orlando price gouge their customers and give plumbers like myself a bad name. Its important to know how most plumbing companies figure their prices. When an Orlando plumber arrives at your door there are already a lot of costs to get him and his truck to your house first which is obviously gas and time.

Their are a lot of hidden costs such as advertising, truck maintenance, training for your plumber, taxes, tools, tool maintenance, stocking of plumbing parts, office equipment, phones, office supplies, accounting, and office help. Lets say you had a plumbing repair of $200 with a 10% net profit on the selling price, this would leave us with a $20 taxable profit. Surely you will agree that this is not excessive. Its like when you go out to eat for breakfast at a restaurant and if you cooked 2 eggs, some toast and bacon you could probably make it for only $1.50 but at a restaurant they will charge you 5 dollars or more and this is because they have to pay for gas to cook, rent and for the cook to make your food.

It’s the same concept with plumbing. There are a lot of business expenses way before we arrive so most plumbers will charge the first hour higher than the second and that is because most plumbing repairs tend to take an experienced plumber 1 hour or less so they need to cover the time it takes for them to drive to your house. Although some plumbers will take advantage and that is where you as the consumer need to do your homework. If you have a clogged pipe and a plumber quotes you $450 and is only there less than 1 hour then that is common sense as he is charging you too much. However a fair plumber will tell you over the phone what the best and worst case cost to do an everyday plumbing repair.

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