Common Plumbing Issues for Apopka Homeowners

There are a few reasons why you would not have any water in your Apopka home but we will go over the main reason that we have seen that Apopka homeowners have been experiencing. We have been getting many calls from customers either having no water or very little pressure in there homes. Most of the calls have one common denominator and that is the customer either shut the water off to there home to work on a do it yourself plumbing repair or someone else shut it off. What happens is that when they shut the water off they crank down on the valve and over tighten it. This happens with gate valves quite often and that is why we dont install them. When over tightening them they break the steam that is attached to the gate and the disc drops down not allowing water through.

How can you tell if the gate valve has dropped? Well a gate valve will stop spinning when the valve is fully closed or open so if you continue to spin the valve and it does not stop chances are the valve has dropped and needs to be replaced in order to restore water to your home. This usually happens on the house main or on the hot water heater in your Apopka Florida home. If you experiance this in your home we suggest calling an Apopka plumber so he can make the proper plumbing repair and insist he uses a ball valve while they too have some problems and overall they are minimum. If you need a plumber in Apopka call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.


Apopka Plumbing Gate Valve
Apopka Plumbing Gate Valve

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