Why Do I Have To Install A Hybrid Water Heater?

Why do I have to install a Hybrid water heater? We get this question a lot, especially because the cost is so much higher than the standard water heaters for both the heater and the labor for your Orlando plumber to install it. Last year the government made some changes on how water heater manufacturers make water heaters, making them more efficient, so now heaters 55 gallons and down are required to have more insulation in them. Now, the heaters are much larger. A 55 gallon heater is now the same dimensions as the old 80 gallon heaters. This is a big deal because if you are limited for space, the new heater will not fit. Any water heater larger then 55 gallons has to be a hybrid or tankless hybrid heaters, they are way more efficient. For example, a standard 65 gallon water heater runs about 500 dollars a year to run, where as a hybrid heater costs about 170 dollars a year to run. Big cost savings. But, they are very expensive. The coat for a 80 gallon hybrid ranges between 1700 dollars and 2000 dollars, and that is just for the water heater, not parts and labor. But, if you have a large water heater there is no other option besides tankless, which can be more expensive than the hybrid heaters. Over all you will save roughly 40 dollars a month on your electric bill and some electric companies offer a incentive, but you have to check with your local power company to see. If you have any questions about Hybrid water heaters give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-490-1230.

Hybrid Water Heater Savings
Hybrid Water Heater Savings


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