Why Are There Roots In My Drain Line?

Many customers of ours do not understand why roots are in their drain line. Usually it starts with a clog in the line and everything backs up. The customer will call the Lake Mary plumber, who will snake the line, and in some cases, pull roots back. In this case, the line will need to be inspected with a camera and the area that is breached with roots will need to be located.

So the question we get a lot is: “How do roots get in the drain?” Some customers think it is normal for roots to be in the line. This is not the case. Roots should never be in your drain line. If there are roots in the drain line, there is a problem. So how do roots get into the drain? Here are the main reasons.

  1. Old pipes are terrible as cast iron, terra cotta, or orange burg pipe. These will allow roots to get into the line through poorly sealed joints or as cast iron rusts out letting roots penetrate the line.
  2. In newer homes that have plastic pipe roots, roots usually get into the line because of damage to the pipe, such as a landscaper hitting the line and puncturing a hole in it, allowing roots to work its way into the drain line.
  3. Poorly glued fittings is another common problem in newer homes. The plumber glues the pipe and fitting, but does not push it in all the way causing the fitting to separate and the roots to get into the line.

Those are the top reasons why roots enter your drain lines. If you have a drain that is having issues call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210. We can help you with all your plumbing questions.

Root penetration
Root penetration

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