When To Hire An Apopka Plumber

If you find yourself in Apopka FL with a plumbing issue such as clogged toilet, most do-it- yourself people can handle this with a plunger. Sometimes you have to work at it for awhile to get the blockage loose but typically it is a fast free fix. A leaky faucet may be the same as you may be able to figure out that something just needs to be tightened and you can just do it your self. But most repairs go beyond what a homeowner in Apopka FL can do and need to call a local Apopka plumber. Our advice is if you are handy and you are a 100% sure you can fix the plumbing repair then go ahead and do it.  If you’re not sure then hire a plumber.

There have been many times Drain Genie Plumbing will hear from their customers and they say that they watched a video on you tube and it looked so easy. For  example, a customer saw a video on how to pull a Moen cartridge out from shower and replace it and he bought all the right tools but did not do the plumbing repair right. He pulled on the valve and broke the pipes in the wall going to the shower valve causing a flood which costs thousands in damage to his home in Apopka FL and not to mention making the plumbing repair more costly, all because he wanted to do it himself to save $150. This is just one example of how our Apopka FL plumbers have seen cases where a small or minor repair turns into a more difficult or high expense repair.

Sometimes plumbers can make the job look very easy but that is because most of us have been in the plumbing trade for many years and have all the proper tools and experience needed to do the plumbing repairs efficiently that the average homeowner does not. By the time you purchase the tools and the time it takes you to do the job. Most of the time it is just a smarter choice to hire a professional plumber. So please before you decide to do a plumbing repair on your own, please make sure you know what you are doing and if not make sure you consult with a professional plumber. In the long run I can guarantee it will save you time, money and aggravation.

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