What Not To Do When Replacing A Leaking Hose Bib

Plumbing issues should be left to a professional Orlando plumber. We have seen many cases where home owners have tried to save money by doing the plumbing repairs themselves.  In return, they turn a simple repair into a costly plumbing repair. Did you know one of the top plumbing mistakes made by home owners is hose bib replacement? Your properly asking yourself,  so what is the main mistake? Many homeowners make the assumption that they can just unscrew the hose bib off the wall. Unfortunately, that is far from how it works. Most homes in Orlando Florida are older and have copper pipes. The hose bibs are usually soldered on. As a result, you could not simply unscrew it from the wall. This is why we suggest calling a Orlando plumber to replace a bad hose bib. It is important that you do not attempt to unscrew a hose bib that was installed with copper pipe. If you were to unscrew the hose bib you would break the pipe in the wall. Which can cause even more work and more damage to your home. Some of the newer homes are piped in CPVC. In this case, the hose bib connection is sometimes threaded. This means that you would be able to unscrew it from the wall. It is important that you to do it carefully. CPVC gets very brittle when it ages. Furthermore, you must hold back on the pipe while unscrewing the hose bib from the wall. You might find yourself feeling a bit apprehensive or a bit scared of hiring a plumber in Orlando. Your worried about what might the cost of hiring a plumber would be. As a result of trying to save money,  you attempt to make the repair yourself. Usually 9 times out of 10 it will cost you more money in the long run. If you are looking for a Orlando plumbing company give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-490-1230.

Hose Bib
Hose Bib

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