What Is A Repipe And What Does It Include?

What is a repipe? Most customers don’t really understand what happens or what too expect when repiping a home. Many people assume that repiping means that all there plumbing lines will be replaced both drain and water lines. Or that all plumbing problems will be resolved when they decide on repiping there home. This is not the case. When a Orlando plumber suggests a repipe this is usually in regards to a pressurized leak. So what is and what is not included?

What is included in a repipe.

  • Repipe will usually consist of all water lines in the home all lines two each plumbing fixture.
  • New hose connections.
  • All new valves under sinks and toilets.
  • New supply lines.
  • New main shut off to your home and water heater.
  • New laundry box with valves and ice maker box.

What is not included in a repipe.

  • Water Main from the city meter to the house. This line is usually PVC in newer homes. Older homes it can be copper.
  • Drain lines all drain lines. This includes pipes underground. Pipe in walls and vents as well. So if you have a leak under the sink on the drain line it won’t be repaired with a repipe. 
  • Leaking faucets such as shower valves, tub faucets and sink faucets do not get replaced when repiped.
  • Toilet leaks and issues.
  • The main sewer line from the house to the street is also not done.
  • Replacing a Water heater is also usually not included.

Above is pretty much what is covered and what is not in a repipe. Most Orlando plumbing companies will offer discounts on other plumbing work while they are there. For example a water heater replacement will cost a lot less if done when a repipe is preformed then waiting till later. Hopefully this helps our customers understand what is covered and what is not covered. If you have any questions call Drain Genie Plumbing Services in Orlando or Orange County 407-490-1230. If your in Sanford or Seminole county 407-710-0210.

Orlando Repipe
Orlando Repipe

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