What Is a Plumbing Vent For?

What is a plumbing vent? Where are they located? A plumbing vent is a critical part of your Maitland FL plumbing system.  The vent is important in a few ways. First it helps vent out harmful sewer gases from building up in your Maitland home and causing odor problems. The next and most important function for a vent is to allow proper air flow into the drainage system. Without proper air flow the plumbing system would not drain. Have you ever stuck a straw in a glass of water and put your finger over it and took the straw out? Well it holds water in until you remove your finger then it drains out well. The same concept is with your plumbing system, if it had no vents the system would get air locked and not drain.

The next purpose for vents is to equalize the pressure in the pipe so when you flush a toilet it flushes and leaves the trap full of water and does not suck the trap dry. Most vents in your home are in multiple locations on the roof. Usually you will have a vent for each bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. It is a good idea to put screens over your vents if you have a lot of trees over your roof this will prevent things from falling into your vent and clogging the air flow. Most Maitland plumbers will use a vent to clear a clogged drain line and this is a good access to clear drain clogs.

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Plumbing Vent
Plumbing Vent

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