Weird Bathroom Facts

We as Orlando plumbers have seen a lot doing service work. Here are some weird bathroom facts you may not know. 

  1. We use the bathroom a lot. The average person spends roughly 3 years of there life on the toilet. Most people use the bathroom six to 8 times a day. Which is about 2500 times a year. That sure is a lot! So make sure that your taking care of your plumbing and flushing only toilet paper down the drain. Not doing so can lead to having unwanted clogs.
  2. Did you know that 75% of people use a mobile device while going to the bathroom. That includes texting. Yuck can’t people wait till they are done! This also includes shopping, talking or just surfing the web. I hope people wash there hands.
  3. There are so many people on there phones in the bathroom. Did you know over 7 million people drop there phones in the toilet each year. If we were not so addicted to mobile devices this may not be a problem. Hope they have insurance.
  4. When using toilet paper 4 out of 10 people fold there toilet paper.  Six out of ten just wad it up 
  5. Americans use 433 million miles of paper a year! Thats a lot of paper!  Over use of paper causes unwanted plumbing clogs.
  6. Top bathroom pet peeves. For men are make up on towels. For women is men leaving toilet seat up.
  7. 86% of injures in the bathroom come from the toilet seat being left up and people falling in.
  8. When your in someones bathroom do you snoop? If the answer is yes your not alone 7 out of 10 people snoop when using other peoples bathrooms. So don’t leave unwanted things in bathrooms guests will be using.

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