Water Main Replacement Reasons Replacement Is Necessary

Water main replacement is different from a repipe. Most customers get confused and think if their home is repiped, their water main is replaced, also. This is not true. When you get a repipe, the pipes inside the home are replaced, not the outside pipe from the meter to the house. So, why should you replace the water main from the meter to the house? Most of the time it’s because of how old the home is. For example, homes built in the 70’s and before are usually run in copper or galvanized piping. This pipe is known for failing. Copper pipe gets pinholes and galvanized pipe is hard to repair, and usually leak at the threaded joints because that is the weakest point in the pipe. If you have this type of pipe, it is good to think about replacement of your water main. Another reason for replacement of your water main is that if you have landscaping, such as trees, that pose a problem in making a repair, your Orlando plumber would need to reroute the water main around the problem area, or sometimes it’s just better to replace the whole thing. If your home is built from the late 70’s and up, the water main is usually PVC, and you should have no issues unless it was installed wrong and the glue joints are failing, or like I mentioned tree root problems. If you need a plumbing company in Orlando, call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

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