Water Heater Repair in Deltona, FL

A water heater repair in Deltona, Florida can be frustrating because having no hot water is a big inconvenience. We have previously gone over many of the most common water heater repair problems in Deltona and Orlando Florida. Today we are going to go over another water heater issue that is less common but is still sometimes hard for the average homeowner or even a plumber that does not have much experience to diagnose. The problem is dip tube failure and this poses a few problems.

First if the dip tube deteriorates completely it will allow the cold and hot water to mix causing you to not have very hot water. But the main problem with dip tube failure is as the dip tube falls apart it gets flushed through all of your hot water lines. Many times the Deltona customer complains of no water pressure or weak pressure in their faucets or showers. This is because of the small particles clogging the faucets and if you take apart the aerator many times you see what looks like egg shells. The little white pieces cleaning out the aerator will temporarily work but the problem will persist and get worse.

The way to fix this problem is to hire a Deltona plumber and have him replace the dip tube and drain the water heater. This will permanently fix the plumbing problem. The process is not that major and usually is not that expensive. Over the years there have even been recalls on water heaters for this specific problem and the problem still persists today. If you need a water heater repair in Deltona, give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at (407) 710-0210. We are Deltona’s #1 plumbing company.

Deltona Water Heater Repair
Deltona Water Heater Repair

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