Is That Your Water Heater Leaking Or Not?

You go out into your garage and notice a big wet stain around your water heater. Most people automatically assume that their water heater has sprung a leak, but this is not necessarily the case all the time. Water around the heater is usually a heater leak, but sometimes not. Here are some things to check to tell if it is your water heater or not.

  1. Is it by an A/C unit? If it is check and see if your unit is wet. Then, check the drain many times. If your air conditioner is clogged, it will back up on the ground around the heater, making it look like a water leak.
  2. Next, if you are in an older home there is also a chance that you have a leak in the wall behind the water heater. To check for this, run your hand along the wall behind the water heater. It should be dry. If it is wet chances are it is not the heater, but most likely a water leak behind the heater.

If you check these things you can narrow it down and determine if it is your water heater that has failed or something else. If you have a wall leak behind the heater, chances are the heater would have to be removed and reinstalled to get to the leak. We suggest calling an Orlando plumber to make these repairs. If you need a plumber in Orlando or Oviedo call 407-490-1230 in Orlando Or (407) 710-0210 in Oviedo.

Orlando Gas Water Heater Installation
Orlando Gas Water Heater Installation


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