Valentine Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Acts of Service

Have you ever heard of love languages? When you speak someone’s love language, it means that you demonstrate love for them in a meaningful way. Those whose love language is acts of service feel loved when someone does something nice for them. We love celebrating love at Drain Genie Plumbing Services, so here are five ideas to serve those who love acts of service.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Acts of Service

1. Check Off the Honey-Do List

If you’re like most people, you have a honey-do list sitting around somewhere. Honey-do lists usually include household items and chores ( e.g., fix a toilet, unclog a drain). If you’ve put off the tasks your spouse has been asking you to complete, why not take a day to check off as many as possible? DIYers can attempt this themselves, but you can also have Drain Genie do it for you

2. Coupon Book

This idea is for the creative-minded individual. Put together a coupon book with items your loved one can cash in as they want. Include lots of ideas, including cooking a meal, giving a massage, taking care of the kids while they get some “me time,” and checking off an item on that honey-do list. 

3. Serve Them for the Day

Wake up your loved one with a fresh cup of coffee, juice, or whatever they enjoy in the mornings. Then, make their life easy for the day. You don’t have to take them on a whirlwind trip or get extravagant. For those who love acts of service, simply cleaning the house, running errands, and taking care of all the meals can mean everything. 

4. Ask How You Can Help Them

Okay, you may struggle to identify what your partner would like done. That’s possible, and if so, don’t feel bad. Instead, ask them. We encourage you to tell them that you want to do something meaningful for them and you’d like to know exactly how to do that. If you’re confident their love language is acts of service, tell them that. Then tell them it’s important to demonstrate love in that way and ask them for help. That conversation alone can be incredibly powerful. 

5. Don’t Forget Mom

Okay, fine. Valentine’s Day isn’t traditionally about your mom. However, why not show her some love, too? Especially if she’s alone or could use some help. Valentine’s Day is a great way to do this for those who love acts of service instead of a box of chocolates or a stuffed bear. Hire a handyman to service or fix leaky faucets, stinky garbage disposals, or whatever else needs fixing. You’ll both be glad you did. 


We hope this article helps you generate creative ideas for those you love on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. If you’d like Drain Genie’s help with any plumbing service in Orlando, Daytona BeachDeLandApopkaAltamonte Springs, or Winter Springs, call us at (470) 490-1230

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