Top Three Plumbing Scams And How To Avoid Them.

 There are a lot of honest plumbing companies in the Orlando area and there are some that are not so honest. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the reputation of the other plumbing companies. It is very important to always do your research on hiring a qualified Orlando plumber. Always make sure they are licensed and insured. Here’s a tip on the most common plumbing scams. Listed below are the top three:

1. Scam number one: When the plumber is telling you that they are suppling top quality materials; when in fact, they are actually using cheaper products. As a result, the plumbing contractor will up charge you for the expensive products and cheat you by using cheap products.

Solution: The best solution is to ask what materials they are using. Take the time to research the   materials. Now don’t stop there! After the plumbing company installs the products make sure to check        and see if it is the same products you where quoted.

2. Scam number two: Extra help! Many times, companies will load the job up with extra help.  They will tell you that an extra hand is needed. Unfortunately, this is a well know scam. There are companies that will load a job up with 5 workers, but when in fact the job only needed 2 workers. This can be very costly because additional help requires additional money. Remember they are tacking on the hourly rate for each worker on to the job. When in turn,  the price has inflated.

Solution: The best solution is to always be informed on who is working on the job and what they are doing. In many cases, a plumber will need additional workers to complete the job. If you notice there are workers standing around or there are two workers working on tightening a nut throw them off the job.

3.  Scam number three: Marking up prices in affluent neighborhoods. There are a lot of companies that will change it’s pricing based on where homeowner lives. In other words, If you  lived in a small home the price will be different then if you lived in a million dollar home. Bottom line, a plumbing repair is a plumbing repair. It should not cost any different then if you lived in a nice neighborhood. Now pricing may change if the plumber is repairing the repair with a high end plumbing fixture. This would in fact change the cost of the repair.

Solution: Make sure to take some time to get several quotes.  This is a great way to compare plumbing companies to other plumbing companies.

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