Top 4 Plumbing Myths Exposed

If you’re a homeowner or landlord, chances are you’ve had to deal with a plumbing issue at some point. If you have, you may have heard some myths about plumbing that aren’t true. Even if you haven’t, this is good reading for those moments when you’re simply passing the time. In this blog post, Drain Genie Plumbing Services exposes the top four plumbing myths and sets the record straight. Read on to learn the truth about plumbing!

Top 4 Plumbing Myths Exposed

1. Turn off the Water before Draining Your Pipes 

Many of us have been taught to turn off the water before draining our pipes, but here’s the truth – this is simply a myth! There’s no need to turn the water off to drain your pipes. In fact, the pressure from having the taps turned on helps clear out debris or blockages you may have in those pesky pipes. So, the next time you’re facing a plumbing issue, there is no need to reach for the water tap. Start draining and say goodbye to clogged pipes for good!

2. It’s Okay to Pour Grease Down The Drain

One of the most common misconceptions (that we’re all guilty of believing at one point or another) is that it’s okay to pour grease down the drain. After all, isn’t that where it goes? Not so fast! Grease might go down the drain initially, but eventually, it hardens and starts to build up inside your pipes. This can cause clogs and other issues with drainage, leading to costly repairs or replacements. So, while you might think you’re being helpful by pouring the grease down there, ultimately, it’s best to dispose of it elsewhere and keep that stuff out of your pipes!

3. A Plunger Is a Plunger Is a Plunger

If you thought you could use any plunger to clear up any clog in your sink or toilet, think again! This is just another myth that needs debunking. As it turns out, not all plungers are created equally. Different types of clogs require different types of plungers to dislodge them effectively. Regular cup plungers work great on shallow clogs, whereas plunger-style plungers with flexible cups are way better for more challenging clogs. So, before diving head-first into your next messy plumbing situation, ensure you have the proper tools for the job – it might save you a lot of hassle!

4. Always Call a Professional Plumber

A clogged drain can often be frustrating and challenging, usually requiring you to contact a plumber – or so you might think. With the right tools, some expertise, and elbow grease, it is possible to free your sink or shower from any blockages yourself. Not only can this save time and money, but it can also grant you a sense of accomplishment! Grab yourself gloves, a household drain snake or a plunger, and have at it – who knows, you may soon be giving out advice on how to reclaim clogged drains!

Let’s Recap

If you’ve been following the advice of your well-meaning friends and family about how to deal with clogged drains, we’re here to set the record straight. You don’t need to turn the water off before draining your pipes, pouring grease down the drain is not okay, and you can’t use any type of plunger on any clog. You don’t always have to opt for professional plumbing services in Lake Mary, but when you do, Drain Genie is here to help. If you’re dealing with a clog, call (407) 710-0210, and we’ll be happy to help.

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