Toilet Running ?

Is your toilet running? A leaking toilet can cause your water bill to go up substantially. Most people suspect that they have a plumbing leak because their water bill spikes and they cannot believe a leaking toilet can cause there bill to go up that much, when in fact it can. Many people think a toilet repair is one of the easiest plumbing repairs when in fact it very well can be but toilet repairs can also be time consuming and challenging for even a seasoned Sanford plumber. Each toilet repair is different and being that all toilets are molded from porcelain they all differ. No toilet is really the same. Some might have a bigger hole for the handle or some are poorly molded and they causing them to be unlevel. Different toilets also take different parts some toilets require different flappers. If you have a running toilet causing your water bill to be high chances are it is a flapper or a fill valve. Check the flapper if its flat too or if is it warped. The flapper should be flat and the flush valve which is the plastic piece that the flapper rests on should be smooth. If it is not it needs to be changed. The fill valve should shutoff 1″ below the fill tube if it is not the fill valve should be replaced. If you are having trouble replacing parts in a toilet running give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-710-0210.


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