Toilet Leaks Are The Main Cause For High Water Bills.

Toilet leaks can come at anytime and from multiple places in your Apopka Florida home. The main leaks come from your flapper curling and leaking water into the toilet bowl. This is the most common cause of wasted water and when you need to call Apopka plumber. Your toilet can also leak at the tank to bowl seal. This will cause water to leak onto the floor when the toilet is flushed. The next leak is the wax seal this will cause water to pool around the base of the toilet and will require the pulling and resetting of the toilet.

There is a new product that helps detect if your toilet is leaking from the flapper. It is easy to install and will save you money from wasting water. It sticks to the side of the tank and is easy enough for you to install and you don’t need to call your Apopka plumber it is called the Leak Alertor. Make sure to check your flappers once a year for leaks and if you have a toilet that you do not use often flush it at least once a week. The seal between the tank and the bowl needs to be moist and if you do not flush it for months it will dry rot the gasket causing a leak. If you need a toilet repair call Drain Genie Plumbing in Apopka  407-710-0210.


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