Is Your Toilet Clogged Here Are Some Tips To Help.

Having a toilet clogged can be stressful. Seeing the water level rise and wondering how to prevent sewage from spilling out on to the floor is usually the first concern. Here are some tips if you have a clogged toilet and what to do to prevent a flood.

  • All toilets have a main shutoff valve usually located under the toilet tank to the left side. You will see a pipe leading from the wall up to the toilet. There should be a valve with a handle right at the wall. Turn the valve all the way to the off position this will stop the water flow and prevent a overflow.
  • If the valve is frozen take the tank lid off and look for the rubber flapper located in the bottom center of the tank. Push it down to stop the water from entering the bowl.
  • If that does not shut the water off, the fill valve located on the left side of the tank has a float pull. They float up to shut the flow of water off and wedge something to hold the float up. This will prevent water from overflowing.

Those are some helpful hints to stop a overflowing toilet. To prevent your valves from freezing and not being able to be shut off turn them off and on at least once a month throughout the home. This will keep your valves free and in working condition for when you need them. If you have a frozen valve, spray it with lubricant and try to free it up. If it does not loosen call an Orlando plumber to replace the valves that don’t work. There is nothing worse than having a toilet clogged and not being able to shut your water off. If you need a plumber call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

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