The Sounds of a Plumbing Problem

For the most part, the sounds your house makes are totally natural. Houses are made of of many materials that each expand and contract at different rates during the day. Then, when a house cools down at night, these materials may move slightly, rubbing against each other and making noises. However, occasionally, the sounds you hear inside your walls may be the result of a problem with your home’s plumbing. If you hear any of these three sounds, call in the experts at Drain Genie Plumbing Services right away!

The Sounds of a Plumbing Problem

1. Banging

When you turn the water on in your home, do you hear a loud banging sound? That’s called a water hammer. Water hammers happen when a closed valve suddenly stops the rush of water through a pipe. Not only does this cause a banging sound, it can also damage your pipes and loosen their joints. Water hammer issues occur when the air chambers in your pipe valves clog with water. A plumber will need to clear those chambers and replace any damaged parts to handle the issue.

2. Shaking

While it’s true that pipes always shake when water runs through them, if the sound is loud enough to notice, they’re probably not as secure as they should be. Most likely, the mounting straps used to secure your pipes have loosened. This problem is fixed by tightening the straps or completely replacing parts that have pulled or worn away.

3. Gurgling

Gurgling in a drain can be the result of a clog blocking the water as it makes its way down the drain. Alternatively, if gurgling happens whenever you use any of your drains, there may be a problem with your drain vents. Drains need to be properly vented to prevent air bubbles, which cause the gurgles you hear throughout the house.

If your house is trying to tell you there’s a problem – listen! If you hear any of these sounds or have any other plumbing problems in your Orlando home, contact Drain Genie today at (407) 710-0210. Our team is comprised solely of licensed journeymen and master expert plumbers, which makes our team the most qualified in the Orlando area. We look forward to working with you!

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