The 5 Most Important Subscription-Based Services for Homeowners

Do you know how much money you spend every month on subscription services? People often think they have an idea, but they’re shocked when they sit down and do the math. As it turns out, many people save quite a bit of money when they cut back on unnecessary subscriptions. The hard part is determining what to let go of. Consequently, Drain Genie Plumbing Services would like to share the five most important subscription-based services for homeowners.

The 5 Most Important Subscription-Based Services for Homeowners

1. Grocery Staples

Don’t let the word “grocery” fool you. Grocery staples may include food and drinks. However, it also includes toilet paper, pet food, cleaning supplies, and more. Many providers now offer various household goods at discounted rates on a subscription basis. Determine what items you regularly purchase, buy them in bulk if you can, and set up a subscription that automatically sends back-ups at a predetermined frequency. 

2. Pest Control

If you’ve ever witnessed a pest home invasion, you know it can be a nightmare. Aside from the creepiness cockroaches, ants, and other pests bring, they also cost you money. In other words, you may spend quite a bit of cash trying to treat them with either store-bought chemicals or professional services. However, you can avoid that extra expense when you enlist in pest subscription-based services for homeowners. In this way, you budget a small amount every month instead of a large expense for acute treatment. Moreover, you take a preventative approach instead of a reactive one. 

3. Plumbing

Like pest control, subscription-based plumbing services offer a cost-effective way to avoid incurring large plumbing expenses. When you sign-up for Drain Genie’s Preventative Maintenance Agreement, you get priority service plus 10% off annual maintenance. The subscription model improves your chances of finding water heater, toilet, and other plumbing issues early. After all, proper maintenance and early identification save you money overall. 

4. Streaming Services

At one point, streaming services cost much less than they do now, and they offered more than traditional cable. Over time, however, more providers launched streaming services, which is good from a competition standpoint. However, many homeowners find they like select channels on various streaming platforms. Added together, you can easily spend $150 or more on multiple streaming services every month. Now might be a good time to review each streaming service you pay for each month and whittle down the list to the most important. 

Security Systems

When it comes to subscription-based services for homeowners, security systems are common. Historically, homeowners paid massive upfront costs for the systems in addition to monthly monitoring fees. However, more competition and wireless networks avoid expensive equipment. Additionally, monthly subscription rates and features vary by company. If it has been a while since you compared security systems and their subscription models, why not do that now?

Save Money, Gain Peace of Mind

Hopefully, this list helps you identify several opportunities for cost savings. We also hope it encourages you to take a proactive approach to protect your most important investment: your home. If you’re interested in the preventative maintenance agreement or need any other plumbing services in Orlando, call Drain Genie at (407) 710-0210

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