6 Warning Signs You Have An Slab Leak

Many of the homes in Orlando Florida are built directly on the ground with no access to pipes underneath the home and this can cause problems for Orlando plumbers to detect where the leak is coming from. If the leak is under the slab an Orlando slab leak is fairly common with copper pipe or even polybutylene. Many times you can have a slab leak and not even know it. Here are some things you can do to tell if you have a leak in the slab of your Orlando home: 

  1. If you hear hissing or the sound of water running, even if you don’t have any water running.
  2. Feeling of hot or warm spots in a particular spot on your flooring. This could mean a slab leak on your hot water side.
  3. If you have wet spots on your carpeting in the center of your room.
  4. If tiles are cracking or flooring is bubbling up.
  5. Pressure is lower than normal.
  6. Water bill is higher than normal.

If your home is built on a slab, it can conceal a leak for quite some time and can even cause issues with your homes foundation causing cracking and walls cracking also. Some quick things you can do to see if you have a plumbing leak is to make sure no one is running any water in the home and check the water meter if it has a small leak detector that spins and if water is being used. If it is spinning and no one is using water chances are you have a leak and should call a local Orlando plumber to check it out.

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Pinhole That Can Potentially Be Under Your Slab
Pinhole That Can Potentially Be Under Your Slab

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