Slab Leak Why Is it Better to Repipe Your Orlando Home?

You are walking around your home and step in a puddle of water, and you think maybe your dog made a mistake. When you clean it up the moisture comes back. You call an Orlando plumber and they tell you that you have a pinhole leak under the slab or slab leak. Your next choice is: do you repair the leak, or do you repipe? This is why your best choice, provided you have the money, is to repipe your Orlando home. When you get a leak under the slab, you can spend $1,000.00 and up with a repair and leak location. This will fix the problem, but it is only temporary. When fixing a slab leak, the plumber will chip out a section of the concrete slab to access the broken pipe. He will then cut a section out and replace it with a plastic pipe, usually PEX, so that you spend $1,000.00, are leaving all of the old copper where you can have a leak at any time, and eventually go through the whole process again. When you repipe your home, you replace all of the pipe in the home and reroute it through the attic. This eliminates all of the copper and any chance of future leaks. If you have a slab leak the best process is to repipe. If you want a repipe give us a call at 407-490-1230 we can answer any of your questions.

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