4 Telltale Signs of Hidden Plumbing Leaks

It seems that nowadays everything is going up in cost here in Sanford and Florida area’s. From food to water bill everything just seems more expensive so you can only imagine if you had a few plumbing leaks in your home you are not only paying for water that you use, now you are paying for water that is leaking somewhere. So what are the signs to recognize that you have a hidden plumbing leak? Most of the time a problem in your plumbing pipes start with a very small pinhole and gets worse overtime, so the obvious is an increasing water bill. But sometimes people ignore signs of a plumbing leak such as a constant dripping sound which means that the water is still running, even if there is no one using the water. This is definitely a sign to contact a Sanford Plumber to investigate for plumbing leaks.


Another sign to tell if you have a leak in your plumbing  is when you find unexplained signs of mold or mildew. If you smell a musty moisture in a certain area of your Sanford home, it would usually smell like a damp earthy kind of smell. This is a sign of a growing plumbing leak. Also, a good way to see if you have a hidden leak is to check the red dial on your water meter. If there is no water being used in your home, the red dial should not be spinning and if it is still spinning with nobody using the water you need to hire a Sanford plumbing company to investigate. Hidden plumbing leaks pose a very serious problem in your Sanford Fl home as it can cause dangerous and unhealthy mold to grow.  If the leak is under the slab it can weaken your homes foundation. If you need to find leaks in Sanford call us at 407-710-0210. We are Sanford Florida’s #1 plumbing company.


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