The Biggest Water Wasters of Your Household: Part One

Your shower is second place in water usage and there are ways you can save water consumption in your home. The shower is 2nd place and your toilet is first place. We will go over the shower and ways to cut down on common things we do that waste water. If you have a family of four or more the shower can be a big water waster and be causing your water bill to increase dramatically. Here are some things you can do to help cut down:

  1. Duration – the time you spend in the shower can waste a lot of water. A 10 minute shower will use twice as much water as a 20 minute shower. Installing a shower timer can be a big help, also try a navy type shower by turning the water off when soaping hair then back on to rinse then while soaping body turn off again and then rinse this can save up to 5 minutes of water usage.
  2. Shower heads if you have an old shower head from the 1980’s the flow rate can be as high as 9.5 gallons per minute changing your shower head to a 2.5 GPM can save a lot of water usage.

A good way to test your shower head and see how much water it uses is to take a 5 gallon bucket and run the water for 30 seconds. If the bucket is half full then multiply by two which would be 5 gallons a minute. There are many ways to save on water usage and as your Orlando/Deltona plumber we will continue to help our customers try to save money on their utility bills. If you need a plumber in Orlando/Deltona, please give us a call Orlando 407-710-0210 or Deltona (407) 710-0210

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