Sewer Line Repair Or Replacement: What Are The Causes?

When you have a constant sewer line problem there is a cause and a reason why it is constantly backing up. There are many reasons for your Lake Mary sewer line to fail. One of the main reasons for your sewer line to give you issues is if it has a belly. What is a belly you ask and how does a belly cause constant back ups and how can you diagnose if you have a belly in your sewer line? A sewer line is suppose to come out of your home and pitch at a 1/8 of inch per foot. How a belly is formed is the pipe will pitch at its proper fall and then come back up again causing the sewer line to hold water. When not in use your drain line should be dry. So how does this cause constant back ups? With water being held in the pipe as solids pass threw it the water in the belly slows the solids down causing the solids to stop and sit in the belly of the pipe over time more and more waste builds causing a back up. When your Lake Mary plumber snakes your drain he may clear it with no difficulties and pull nothing back on his cable. This is an indication of a problem such as a belly. At this point a camera should be placed in the sewer line and inspected if there is a belly in the sewer line the plumber will see his camera go underwater and then back out of water. This will indicate how long the belly is. If you need a drain line inspected call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at (407) 710-0210.

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