Are You Seeing Water? Maybe A Leak Under The Slab

Seeing water? It may be a leak under the slab. If you are in a home that was built in the early 90’s, chances are your home is piped with copper. Copper is a reliable pipe but has major issues, it comes in a few different thicknesses

  1. M Type: is the thinnest and is what is used in a lot of homes in the Orlando FL and surrounding neighborhoods. This is the worst pipe to have. It gets pinholes fairly easy and just does not last.
  2. L Type: is mid grade. This is mostly used up north and in commercial properties in the Orlando area. This pipe usually lasts a little bit longer. Most plumbing companies don’t use it because it is a lot more expensive.
  3. K Type: Is the thickest and is usually only used underground. It is very expensive but is a really heavy pipe.

All three of these pipes have issues and can get a pinhole leak under the slab . We see a spike in water leaks in the Orlando and Deltona FL and surrounding areas every summer. In older homes, the electric is sometimes grounded to the plumbing system. When we get our daily afternoon storms, close lightning strikes can cause pinholes in the copper plumbing system. Also, acid from the flux at the solider joints can eat away at the pipe causing plumbing leaks in the wall. But, just because you see water around a wall does not always mean you have a leak in that particular area. Water takes the path of least resistance and can actually be 10′ or more away from where you see the water. If you don’t see a physical leak actually coming from the pipe it could be a leak under the slab or a “SlabLeak” in this case we really suggest replacing the pipe in the entire home. Fixing a leak under the slab requires putting a hole in the floor and is only repairing the small section that is leaking. This can cost over a thousand dollars with leak detection. This leaves the rest of the home with the old copper pipe. We have seen in many cases that we repair a section only for the customer to call back shortly with additional leaks. They end up having to go through the whole process again. That is why we suggest a Orlando Repipe. It usually costs a little more, but you don’t have to worry about pesky leaks for a long time. If you have a leak under slab call Drain Genie Plumbing Services Orlando 407-490-1230 In Deltona-Volusia County (407) 710-0210.


Leak Under The Slab
Leak Under The Slab


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