Schedule Orlando Plumbing Services before Holiday Entertaining Begins

The holiday season is here! Many folks will host gatherings for family and friends as we finish up 2021. However, remember that more people in your home means more people using the plumbing. Therefore, it’s best to be proactive to avoid any entertaining disasters. In this post, Drain Genie Plumbing Services reviews some Orlando plumbing services you may want to consider to ensure a successful holiday season. 

Schedule Orlando Plumbing Services Before Holiday Entertaining Begins

Kitchen Plumbing

Holiday entertaining is all about the food. As if food prep and service wasn’t enough, hosts must then clean up everything. That’s why properly functioning kitchen plumbing is crucial during the Holidays.

Garbage Disposals

In kitchens, garbage disposals can be problematic during entertaining. Therefore, our first suggestion is to be mindful about what you put down the garbage disposal. We find lots of issues due to putting items through that don’t belong. Only place proper items in the garbage disposal and contact us if you need service. 


Clogged drains create headaches after a typical dinner, let alone when entertaining large groups. Not only do block drains take away from your quality time, but they also can create embarrassment. If you have noticed a slow drain or an increasing drain clog, give us a call to schedule service before your event. Multiple clogged drains can mean more significant issues, so definitely schedule service if you notice that. 

Bathroom Plumbing


Multiple people and flushes put a strain on older plumbing systems that support toilets and other plumbing functions. Toilets see increased use during entertaining, especially events focused on food. Perhaps you know you have a toilet you’d like to replace. Or maybe your toilet constantly runs or doesn’t fully flush. If you’re already experiencing problems, they won’t improve with the extra company and use. Request toilet service now and avoid future hassle.  


Leaky faucets, slow drains, and water pressure make up some of the issues we see in bathroom sinks. Now more than ever, handwashing is essential, which means your sinks should be in good working order. Good working order includes all of the things we just mentioned in addition to plenty of hot water. 

Hot Water Heaters

The last thing you want for yourself or your extended family is to run out of hot water. Many an unsuspecting showering victim has been caught off-guard with hot water loss. Unfortunately, the experience stays with you long after the fact. Too many guests using the same source can consume all the hot water. On the other hand, a malfunctioning water heater creates more extensive problems. 

Preventative Maintenance

One way to stay on top of plumbing throughout the entire year is through preventative maintenance. We always say requesting preventative maintenance is better than requesting 24/7 emergency service in the middle of the night.

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