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We have had many Sanford FL homeowners that have had issues with their main water shut-off valves. As we discussed in earlier posts you should exercise your valves to keep them in working order. Your main water shut-off to your house should be turned on and off every few months to prevent them from freezing up and not working properly. Many houses in Sanford Florida have what is called a gate valve. These valves are very cheaply constructed and especially when they age. Also if the homeowner try to shut the gate valve off and tighten it too much, it snaps the stem causing the gate not to open which means you’ll have no water to your Sanford FL home. Once this happens a Sanford plumber will need to replace the valve to get water to your home. When shutting down an old gate valve, it is very important when you close the valve not to over tighten and once you can’t turn it anymore, STOP. Over tightening the valve will break . The best way to tell if the gate valve is broken is turn it to the right or left if it keeps spinning and spinning and does not stop, chances are that the valve is broken.

In order to keep all your plumbing valves in your house working you must remember to turn them on and off this goes for the plumbing under your sinks too. If you don’t chances are you will have multiple Sanford plumbing repairs that may cost you some time and money. If you need a Sanford plumbing company call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-710-0210.


Sanford FL Gate Valve
Sanford FL Gate Valve


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