Sanford Plumbing Problems

Sanford FL is an historic city. Very old city equals very old plumbing and usually old plumbing requires more plumbing repairs. Some of the things we have seen in Sanford plumbing systems are old sewer lines that are either made of Terra-cotta or Orange-burg. Sanford Florida is historic and there are a lot of trees in the historic downtown area of Sanford and this wrecks havoc on your Sanford plumbing. The drains that are made from Terra-cotta could have roots that penetrate the joint connections causing major plumbing problems. If the sewer lines are Orange-burg they just crush the pipe until sewage cant pass anymore. Also a lot of the sewer and water lines exit the house in the rear not on the front like most cities. In the back of the houses is usually a grassy common area where trash is picked up. Most of the time the weight of these trucks picking up trash eventually crush the pipe.

It is a good idea if you live in this type of area that you should get with your neighbors and put your trash on the nearest paved road. The next thing we have found with Sanford plumbing systems is the water lines. They are either galvanized or copper. Copper has its own problem with pinholes but galvanized pipe rusts from the inside out closing the inside diameter of the pipe  and in return you loose water pressure. The best way to fix this is to re-pipe your home. We have seen a lot of plumbing issues in Sanford FL and thought we would touch on some of the major problems we have seen lately. If you need a Sanford plumbing company call us at 407-710-0210We are Sanford Florida’s #1 plumber 24/7.


Historic Sanford Florida
Historic Sanford Florida

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