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Our Sanford plumbers have been coming across many drain line issues in Sanford and Florida. Many of the older homes from the 60’s through the mid 70’s were piped in cast iron and copper. The problem is that these metals corrode and wear out. Just think of the Grand Canyon that took thousands of years to wear down. Well water does the same thing in your plumbing system but on a smaller scale. When you use your sinks or any drain in your Sanford FL home the water travels on the bottom of the pipe after years and years of use. It begins to wear down a rut in the bottom of your drain line eventually causing a plumbing leak in the wall causing water damage.

There are things that many people unknowingly do that speed up the process of wearing out the drain lines quicker. The main #1 reason is drain cleaners  and they sit at the bottom of the drain and eat away the piping. It is very important if you have a home built in the 70’s or earlier not to use drain cleaners. Most of the time the customers complain about bad smell or damp moldy walls or sometimes even sewer flys and most of the time upon preforming a leak detection test our Sanford plumbers find that the copper waste arms are rotted out from the bottom. Most of the time if you have an old plumbing system you will have plumbing leaks. It’s recommended not to put drain cleaner solutions in your drains and by doing this, it may prevent you from calling a Sanford plumber sooner. If you need a plumbing company in Sanford or Florida call us at 407-710-0210.

Sanford FL Plumbing Leaks
Sanford FL Plumbing Leaks


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