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When most people that have a plumbing leak they will usually watch a video on YouTube and perform a do it yourself plumbing repair. We at Drain Genie Plumbing thought we would give our Sanford FL homeowners and Florida a few tips on do it yourself plumbing repairs. One of the main issues we see in Sanford Florida is a homeowner will see a leaking hose spigot and think that it’s screwed to the piping and they try to replace the leaking hose bib and go to unscrew it and it snaps the pipe in the wall leaving them without any water and having to call a Sanford plumber to finish the plumbing repair.

Most newer houses in Sanford and Central FL are piped in with CPVC. If it is a newer house, it’s more than likely screwed in but you still need to chip some of the concrete to access the male adaptor so you can get a wrench on it to hold back on the pipe so it does not break. However, if you have an older house it is more than likely soldered onto copper and we suggest calling a Sanford plumber to make the repair. This will save you in the long run from damaging the pipe to your house and having to call an emergency plumber. If you need a plumber in Sanford or Central FL please call us at 407-710-0210

New Hose Bib
New Hose Bib

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