Roots And The Problems They Can Cause On Your Plumbing

Landscaping can cause major problems on your plumbing system. Of course, we all want our yards to look beautiful and having great landscaping makes your home look great, but when planting and landscaping you should keep in mind of your plumbing and where it is. Such as your main drain for your home and your main water line for the house. Having your landscaper install trees or large shrubs in the vicinity of your plumbing can cause horrible problems in the future.

We have seen trees planted 2 feet from the drain and water main, sometimes right on top of it. As the tree grows the roots wrap around the pipe and put a tremendous amount of stress on the pipe, breaking it and causing water to spray out from the ground, making it very difficult for the Apopka plumber to make the plumbing repair. Often we have to cut and drill through the roots just to make a small repair. As far as the main drain, the roots will break or crush the line causing sewer back ups. This is not a pretty sight and the back up often happens when you don’t expect it, such as on the weekend or late at night.

So, when landscaping, you should keep in mind of your plumbing because just because it looks good on top of the sewer or water main, it won’t look good years down the road when it affects your plumbing and causes major repair costs.

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Roots in drain line
Roots in drain line

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