When Should Homeowners Replace Their Water Heater?

We have had multiple calls from Sanford Fl residents with leaking water heaters and they always ask why do i have to replace my leaking heater you should be able to repair it and the answer to that is most likely not. We will explain why you have to replace or why you may not have to replace your heater.

  1. The only things that can leak on a water heater is the tank, piping and relief valve. Lets start with the piping. If you had a plumbing leak on your piping to the water heater you should be able to visibly see the leak. If this is the circumstance this is a repairable plumbing item.
  2. Relief line leaking usually it is piped outside. Sometimes it is dumped to the floor and if this is leaking, you would see water coming from the pipe outside or inside. This is a fairly easy plumbing repair.
  3. Next is the tank many people think the steel tank is what they see exposed but that is not the tank. It is the jacket that they wrap the tank with so it can conceal the insulation and make it look pretty. So many times if the tank leaks water, it will show up around the pipes where they screw into the tank or in the area that the thermostats and elements are located. Many times the customer will say my tank looks great but they are not looking at the actual tank so if the tank is leaking it is unrepairable and the Sanford plumber will have to replace the water heater.

If you have a problem with the water heater not heating. Please be advised that it is completely repairable unless it stopped working because water got into it. If you need a Sanford Florida plumbing company give us a call at 407-710-0210.

Leaking Water Heater
Leaking Water Heater

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