Repipe Your Home What Pipe Should You Use CPVC Or Pex

There has been an influx of homes needed to be repiped in the Orlando area. Some because the copper pipe has failed under the slab, and others because of the polybutylene and issues that insurance companies are not insuring it anymore, making the homeowner replace the pipe to keep the insurance policy. When you repipe a home, it is invasive and you have to open walls in order to install the pipe. We try to cut as little holes as possible, but it all depends on the construction of the home as well. We have had many customers lately question the product we use and want to install CPVC instead. So what is the best pipe to use when you repipe your home? You can ask 10 plumbers in the Orlando area and 9 out of 10 will tell you to use Pex pipe. In our opinion Pex is the superior product. The Pex we use has a 25 year manufacture warranty, where CPVC has only a 10 year. There are some companies that use a cheaper Pex pipe, which only has a 10 year warranty, but that’s where you as the homeowner need to educate yourself before hiring any plumbing contractor. We have also heard that there are issues with Pex piping. Again, it all depends on the manufacturer and their warranty. There have been issues with older Pex from the 90’s, but CPVC has greater issues. CPVC started out with a lifetime warranty, then it went to a 25 year warranty, and now it is down to 10 years. Even the manufacturer is noticing that their pipe does not last, which is why they have lowered the warranty. In Drain Genie Plumbing Services opinion, Pex is the way to go when you decide to repipe. We will also repipe with CPVC if the customer insists, but we do not recommend it. If you have any questions about repiping your home, call us at 407-710-0210.

Orlando Repipe
Orlando Repipe

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