What Should I Do Repair Or Replace My Toilet ?

What should i do repair or replace my toilet? We get this question a lot there are many factors on whether it is better to repair or replace your toilet. The standard toilets main components are located inside the tank this consists of the fill valve, flush valve, flapper, tank to bowl bolts and gasket the rest of the toilet is made of porcelain. So when should you repair? Well if you have a toilet that is flushing well but is leaking or leaking from the tank into the bowl this is a repairable item. A lot of customers feel that for the cost of a repair they should just replace the toilet. This is not the case a minor repair may cost $145 and a new toilet may cost $140 and up and then you have the cost of the install. All of this can add up and if you replace the workings in the toilet you should have years of worry free use out of your toilet.

The biggest question is when should I replace my toilet?  We get that question a lot from our Oviedo customers. If the toilet is not flushing properly we suggest replacing it, because what happens is calcium builds up in the ports that give the toilet its flushing power. When this happens its best to replace the toilet. If you need an Oviedo plumber  give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at (407) 710-0210 .



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