Reasons Why You Should Flush Your Water Heater

Most people don’t think about their Orlando water heater until it is not working properly. The average life span of a water heater is 10-12 years but some heaters will fail in 6-8 years. Why does some water heaters last longer than others? Well some of it depends on the brand name. A low quality water heater will not last as long as a better quality water heater but most of the time it is due to lack of maintenance on the water heater.

Most people go about their daily lives and don’t even think about draining their water heater. So how does sediment affect the longevity of your Orlando water heater. Well over the years of sediment build up it fills the bottom of the tank up and slowly starts to ruin the efficiency of the heater, then once the sediment settles over the bottom element it begins to effect the element. The element needs to be surrounded by water to stay cool if sediment is surrounding it then it won’t be able to keep cool causing it to overheat and go bad causing the upper element to work harder causing a poor efficient water heater and in return increasing your electric bill.

Another way sediment affects your Orlando water heater is as it sits on the bottom of the tank it causes the steel tank to prematurely rust. This is the biggest problem of not flushing your water heater because a leaking hot water heater is unrepairable and will have to be replaced by a qualified Orlando plumber. Overall if your heater is older than 4 or 5 years and you never drained it, it is recommended not to do it now because you may clog the drain at the bottom or worse break the valve at the bottom and cause a flood. If your water heater is fairly new we suggest to start flushing your water heater to prolong its life. If you need a plumber in Orlando give us a call at 407-710-0210.

Sediment Build Up In A Water Heater
Sediment Build Up In A Water Heater

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