How to Protect Your Orlando Plumbing

It is now the end of December here in Orlando Florida and the colder temperatures are starting to come. Yes we live in Orlando and the temperature usually stays above freezing but every now and then we do experience freezing conditions in Florida. This can reek havoc on your Orlando plumbing system. When freezing temperatures come it is a good idea to protect your Orlando plumbing system. Since we live in the southeast, the local plumbing codes allow you to bury water lines and drain lines very shallow because there really is no chance of it getting that cold in Orlando. But many of the homes in Orlando have exposed piping and this is affected by freezing temperatures and any exposed plumbing should be insulated to protect your pipes from freezing.

If you have had a repipe on your home chances are that the pipes are ran in the attic and are exposed to extreme cold. If you have plumbing in your attic we suggest leaving a faucet on at a slow drip to keep water moving and prevent it from freezing. If you have a frozen pipe many people think it will flood your home. While most of the time this is true sometimes the pipe will freeze and you will get no water to your fixtures. When it warms back up the ice will melt and you will have water again. The problem is that where the pipe froze the pipe most likely expanded and weakened the pipe. This will eventually leak causing a plumbing emergency. It is good on freezing nights to protect your Orlando plumbing so you don’t have the expense of hiring an Orlando plumber to make emergency plumbing repairs. If you need an Orlando plumbing company call us at 407-710-0210.

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