Problems With Older Delta Tub And Shower Valves?

Do you have a leaking shower? A constant drip and want to try to do the repair yourself? There are so many different shower valve manufacturers and models out there it can be hard to track down the right repair parts for one. There are, however, a few shower valves that give our Orlando plumbers a headache. Lets deal with an older style Delta shower valve today. These valves have known problems so much so that their newer valves have been redesigned to help with the issues. So what is the issue with the older Delta tub and shower valves? Well, all things have to be maintained and eventually even the best plumbing products need to be serviced. The most common problem is that shower valves drip and need repair. This is where the problem starts with the older Delta shower valves. They have three little copper tubes in the back that attach the rear of the valve that then attaches to the part that holds the cartridge. The cartridge is the main component that shuts off both hot and cold water to your shower valve. When this goes bad, the shower head or tub spout will start to drip. Usually an easy repair, but on the older Delta tub and shower valves, this is not the case. When removing the cartridge, it can cause the little copper tubes to leak. This makes an easy cartridge replacement turn into a replacement of the entire tub and shower valve which usually involves either cutting a hole in the drywall behind the valve or cutting open the tile to the shower. Delta has since changed their newer shower valves to single body solid brass fixtures. So if you have a leaking shower valve, it is best to contact a plumber to make the necessary repairs. If you need a shower valve worked on, call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-490-1230.


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