Prevent Plumbing Disasters In Your Lake Mary home

We are in Spring and heading into summer months, where a lot of people start taking spring break vacations and summer vacations. Most people think nothing of their plumbing system when planning a vacation. They are thinking about packing arrangements and who’s gonna watch the pets, that is until they get back to a plumbing disaster. Coming home to a flooded house can be the worst experience. It is not only damage to your home but also the loss of irreplaceable family items such as pictures and antiques passed down through the family. But, there is some things you can do to prevent plumbing disasters in your home. The first thing that can be done is preventive maintenance. Keeping up on minor plumbing repairs can help prevent plumbing emergencies. If you have not had a plumbing contractor visit your home in a while have one come out and look at your plumbing system and let you know if there is any potential plumbing problems in your home. Make sure you hire a well rated plumber to do this. The last thing you would want is to have a plumber come to your home and tell you that you will have to repair things you really don’t, just so they can make a quick buck. There are companies like that, but there are also just as many good plumbing companies. You just have to do your research. The next very important step to take when going away is to make sure you shut your main water valve off, and the electric to your water heater if it is electric. If you don’t have a main water shut off valve, we suggest you hire a plumber to install one. If you stay up to date on your plumbing and maintain it, you should be able to go away worry free. If you need a Lake Mary plumber in the Lake Mary or Orlando area call Drain Genie Plumbing Service at (407) 519-1020 or Orlando (407) 490-1230.

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