Polybutylene Piping And Repairs In The Lake Mary Area

Polybutylene piping has long given homeowners in the Lake Mary area many problems. Back in the early 2000’s, there was a class action lawsuit out where customers that had multiple leaks got their homes repiped for no cost. Since then, the class action lawsuit funds has ran out of money so now the homeowners are on their own when it comes to leaks on Polybutylene.

Most insurance carriers will not cover Polybutylene, they will make you repipe or you will have to pay a higher insurance premium in order to cover the pipe.

Polybutylene usually fails at the fittings, but the pipe it self also splits and can result in slab leaks which is a leak under the concrete slab. We have noticed that the pipe usually splits where it is bent coming through the slab because the pipe is very thin.

The positive thing about poly is if your Lake Mary plumber has the right tools and parts, the piping is fairly easy to repair, but the damage to the home from failed pipe can cost you thousands, and not only that, the inconvenience is horrible, anyone that has been through a flood knows the inconvenience of loud fans blowing 24 hours a day and your floors ripped up.

Having poly can be a ticking time bomb. If you have the money, the best thing is to replace the pipe by repiping your home.

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Poly Manifold And Slab Leak Repair Behind Bathroom Vanity

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